Garcia - IP Core for North America and Korea

The Garcia demodulator core is your fast track to a high performance 8-VSB and 64/256-QAM North American receiver product. This all-digital solution is suitable for stand-alone chips or integration with other receiver components in an SoC. Garcia's performance under impaired signal conditions is optimized for real world reception and is measurably superior to the current generation of chips. The demodulator is compliant with ATSC A/53 and ITU-T J.83 Annex B and has been extensively tested against A/74 and other guidelines by reputable independent third parties.

"Overall, ... one of the best receivers tested ..." CRC Ottawa 2007

Garcia is configurable to several price-performance points, allowing it to be optimized for your specific market needs. The core is licensed by several chip and consumer electronics vendors and is implemented in silicon.

Garcia includes everything needed to shorten your time to market and reduce your risk. Included with the design are extensive documentation, test plans, portable software, accurate models and support from our experts through the technology transfer.

For products which will be cable ready, there is an optional FDC demodulator meeting SCTE 55-1and 55-2.


  • Reduced system cost
  • Reduced project cost and scheduled risks
  • Optimized for your target market with configurable cost performance points
  • Highest performance in impaired signal conditions
  • Fast signal acquisition