Iberium offers IP cores as well as software solutions for the reception of digital television in all of the major markets in the world. Products include:

Garcia - North America and Korea (ATSC/J83B)

The United States completed the transition from analog to digital television in June 2009. The FCC mandates that all television receivers sold in the United States must be able to receive over-the-air VSB signals. Garcia, Iberium's VSB/QAM receiver with optional Out-Of-Band receiver core supports reception of over-the-air and cable transmissions in North America and Korea. The core has been tested in the lab and in the field by independent third parties and has exhibited superior performance. Garcia is available now.

Paco - China (GB20600-2006)

The Chinese digital television market is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, the existing offering of receiver products in the market is extremely limited. Paco, Iberium's DTMB core is fully compliant with the GB20600-2006 standard including all single- and multi-carrier modes. The core is available now.

Santana - North America (ATSC-M/H)

Dramatic changes in media content consumption habits coupled with the desire for improved viewing experience on behalf of the consumers (coinciding with the advent of new technologies) substantially changed the CE market landscape; mobile and handheld devices, such as mobile phones, laptop and notebook computers, in-car infotainment systems, etc. became primary targets for the next generation of communications and silicon technologies. Santana, Iberium's mobile DTV demodulator core is compliant with ATSC-MH (A/153) standard for VSB transmission for portable and hand-held devices ratified in Q4 2009. The core is available now.

Segovia - Brazil, Japan, and Europe (ISDB-T, DVB-T/T2)

Iberium is developing a unified solution for the markets that use multi-carrier transmission methods. Information is available under non-disclosure agreement.

Software-based solutions for the demodulation of global DTV

In addition to its hard-coded demodulator IP cores, Iberium is developing software solutions for the demodulation of DTV targeting general-purpose and specialized computing platforms. Information is available under non-disclosure agreement.